The Environmental Cost of Food

 When it comes to food, we all want the best of the best. We want food that tastes good, is good for us, and we want to feel good about what we are buying. At the same time, we are spoiled by the convenience of supermarkets that can provide us with consistent produce and exotic ingredients year-round. Even if what you want is not in season or grows in another country, you can most likely find it on the shelf.

Member Spotlight: Ashley Lazonick, Owner of Ace Creative

Ace Creative is a local full-service graphic design firm specializing in design for education and nonprofits located at 13 Royall St. in Medford.  Ace's significant work in sustainability has not only earned them SBLP certification, but also a Medford Business Green Award. Check them out at!


Member Spotlight: Phil Bannatyne, Owner of Cambridge Brewing Company

The Cambridge Brewing Company is a local, green brewery restaurant located at 1 Kendall Square in Cambridge. Since 1989, CBC has featured a menu of responsibly raised meats, sustainable seafood, and local organic produce to accompany its creative, always-changing beer list.  Check them out at!

Member Spotlight: Sean McCaffrey, Manager at Blue Glass Café

The Blue Glass Café is located in the lobby of the John Hancock Tower and invites diners to join them on their mission to provide delicious food in a sustainable way. Check them out at

Member Spotlight: Joseph Rotella, President of Spencer Organ

Spencer Organ is a locally owned pipe organ restoration and maintenance company. For this June’s member spotlight I asked president Joseph Rotella a few questions about his membership to SBN as a local business owner.

Boston Ranked #1 In Energy Efficiency Just In Time For Winter

by Pat Connolly, Sustainable Business Leader Program Intern

Green tip for your home or business: Install a Green Wall!

Plants can go a long way towards brightening an indoor or outdoor space and creating a pleasant environment.  What better way to fit plants into urban centers than by using vertical gardens, i.e. “green walls?”

Beauty, the Natural Way

I stopped getting my hair dyed at a conventional salon years ago. Why? The short answer is that I studied chemistry in college, and I did not like what I saw on the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).  From hair dyes to nail products, many salon products contain hazardous or even carcinogenic chemicals. Here are a few of the culprits in conventional salon products:

Going gray in order to be green: Using reclaimed water to save money and resources

Water security is becoming a hot topic for more than just the Southwestern U.S.; with a warming climate, the Northeast is also expected to face significant challenges to water security. A 2006 study that analyzes changes in hydrological indicators concludes that the Northeast will experience wetter winters and drier summers, with an overall net increase in dry conditions. Summers are expected to have more short and medium-term droughts that may put significant stress on agriculture in the region.

Promoting Sustainability Behavior in the Workplace. Are you an environmental citizen?

 I recently came across an article in the British newspaper, The Guardian, about sustainability behavior campaigns in the workplace. The article introduces a simple and meaningful concept in the sustainability field— environmental citizenship. But what does it means to be a good environmental citizen? 

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