Member Spotlight: Phil Bannatyne, Owner of Cambridge Brewing Company

The Cambridge Brewing Company is a local, green brewery restaurant located at 1 Kendall Square in Cambridge. Since 1989, CBC has featured a menu of responsibly raised meats, sustainable seafood, and local organic produce to accompany its creative, always-changing beer list.  Check them out at!


Why did you join the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN)?

I believe in the mission of the SBN and its desire to help businesses conduct their operations in a more environmentally friendly way.  Small businesses in particular may not have the time or resources to fully evaluate their current processes and research more sustainable alternatives.

What attracted you to Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP)?

I wanted a partner to help me evaluate my operations who had expertise in sustainability.  I knew they would see opportunities that I had not.  The SBLP program then recommends products/vendors to facilitate the desired change.  Additionally, when implementing changes may not be at the top of a large to do list, the nudge SBLP provides is a welcomed reminder.

Why do you feel sustainability is an important part of business?

I feel it is our responsibility as business owners to conduct our operations with the least amount of negative environmental impact.  We are seeing the effects of non-sustainable business practices play out in any number of ways, global warming being prime among them.  Sustainability and a local focus are good for the environment but are also good for business.  Our focus on sustainability attracts customers who share our values.

How does sustainability play out in the restaurant/brewery business?

In any number of ways.  We strive for zero waste so we recycle and compost just about everything that ends up in our waste stream. Our spent grain from the brewing process is used as animal feed by local farmers. All of our lighting is LED and the brewing process contributes to our heating needs in the winter.  We buy from local farmers and fisherman whenever possible, and our cleaning supplies are non-toxic.  We conserve and re-use water from the brewing process and we encourage our staff to bike to work!

What does Cambridge Brewing Company specifically do to contribute to the local green economy?

We purchase as much of our supplies from local purveyors as possible.  We buy a portion of our brewing grains from Mass. growers, as well as fruits, vegetables meats and seafood from Mass. producers. We support local business associations and campaigns to get people to think local when purchasing goods and services.

What are some challenges you face in doing so?

The cost of local, small producer ingredients are almost always higher than their mass produced alternatives.  Only so much of that cost can be passed on to the customers who have so many options when deciding where to go out for a meal.  New England winters make local sourcing of produce especially challenging.

Any last comments?

Keep up the good work SBN!


By Pat Connolly, SBLP Intern

email: [email protected]    |    phone: (617) 395-0250

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