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Thirty-three Boston companies recently joined in a graduation ceremony hosted by the Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP)

Thirty-three Boston companies recently joined in a graduation ceremony hosted by the Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP)

—It Pays to Go Green: 33 Companies Certified as Sustainable Business Leaders—

BOSTON­— October 25, 2011—The Sustainable Business Leader Program is pleased to announce the certification of thirty-three new businesses as “Sustainable Business Leaders”. The Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP), a program of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston (SBN) provides guidance, support and technical assistance to facilitate the “greening” of locally owned and independent businesses. With the help of an SBLP Coordinator, each participating business completes a comprehensive 6-step process that focuses on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, transportation, pollution prevention and safe alternatives, local purchasing and local food, and sustainability management.

Today, business owners and “Green Team” members from the newly certified businesses were recognized for their hard work and dedication in a graduation ceremony at Boston City Hall. Businesses chose to work with the SBLP to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint, reduce long-term overhead costs, and to serve as sustainable business leaders in their communities.

Bryan Glascock, Head of the Environment Department and Jacob Glickel, the Environment Departments Chief of Staff represented the City of Boston. "The SBLP does a great job of connecting small businesses with environmental programs that are offered by the City, State, and the utilities,” said Bryan Glascock. “Massachusetts was recently ranked the most energy efficient state in the country, small businesses that lead by example are critical to this success.”

With the help of a dedicated SBLP Coordinator, graduating businesses implemented on average 30 environmentally sustainable changes to their business operations and practices resulting in thousands of dollars of annual savings and significant reductions in green house gas emissions.

Common changes include upgrading to energy efficient lighting, implementing recycling and composting programs, installing low-flow aerators and low-flow pre-rinse spray nozzles to reduce water use, encouraging public transportation use and carpooling among employees, purchasing local and sustainable products, and more.

The Graduates:

1. A Better City

2. Apex Green Roofs

3. Basil Tree Catering

4. Cambridge Common

5. Chive Sustainable Event Design & Catering

6. Christopher’s

7. Classic Graphx

8. Clevergreen Cleaners (Boston, Medford)

9. Costa Fruit and Produce

10. Eat At Jumbo’s

11. Ecologic Development Fund

12. Equity Office

13. First Church in Cambridge

14. Gentle Giant

15. Griffin Properties

16. Haley House Bakery Café

17. Lizard Lounge

18. NitWits

19. Pilot House Properties LLC

20. Recycled Paper

21. Save That Stuff

22. Stone Hearth Pizza Co. (Allston, Belmont, Cambridge, Needham)

23. TOAD

24. Toro

25. The West Side Lounge

26. True Grounds

27. Urban AdvenTours

28. Veggie Galaxy

29. Wediko Children’s Services

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