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AbbVie Bioresearch Center, Inc. (WSBLP Sponsor)

Located in Worcester, MA, AbbVie is a biological research & development and manufacturing site of AbbVie.

ADDRESSING SOME OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST HEALTH NEEDS: At AbbVie, we have the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical leader and the focus and passion of an entrepreneur and innovator. The result is something rare in health care today – a global biopharmaceutical company that has the ability to discover and advance innovative therapies and meet the health needs of people and societies around the globe.

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Absolute Green Energy Corporation (WSBLP Sponsor)

Based out of Worcester, MA, Absolute Green Energy Corporation focuses on providing cost effective energy saving solutions and renewable energy systems (solar electric (PV) and solar water heating systems) for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. They conduct free site assessments, and implement an Energy Audit before proceeding with the system designs for their clients. The company partners with local contractors for the installation process empowering the local economy.

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Accion USA 

Accion USA is a microfinance organization that lends with the mission of empowering business owners with access to working capital and financial education.

Accion USA and the Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP) have partnered to provide low-interest “green” loans to SBLP participants and graduates through Accion’s innovative Green Loan program. Eligible investments include energy efficiency upgrades and renovations, the development of new “green” products or services, working capital for existing green businesses and more!

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Air Pollution Control Commission (APCC)

The Boston Air Pollution Control Commission (APCC) protects air quality in the City of Boston. Its Regulations for the Control of Atmospheric Pollution prohibit the emission of air contaminants in such concentration or of such duration as: to cause a nuisance; to be injurious or tend to be, on the basis of current information, injurious to human or animal life, vegetation, or to property; or to unreasonably interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property or the conduct of business.

The APCC has generously awarded a grant of $20,000 to the SBLP to aid in the reduction of GHG emissions in Boston.

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Arrow Paper Corporation (SBLP Sponsor)

Based in Wilmington, Massachusetts Arrow Paper Corporation has served customers in the New England area for over 50 years. Arrow Paper Corp. prides itself on its outstanding product quality, sales team and highest-level support and service. Arrow Paper has been a great resource for companies looking to use environmentally responsible paper, packaging and cleaning products including compostable food-ware, recycled content toilet paper and paper towels, and green cleaning agents.

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Barr Foundation

The Barr Foundation supports gifted leaders and networked organizations working in Boston and beyond to enhance educational and economic opportunities, to achieve environmental sustainability, and to create rich cultural experiences - all with particular attention to children and families living in poverty.

The Barr Foundation has generously awarded a grant to the SBLP to aid in the reduction of GHG emissions from two of Boston’s largest sources: buildings and transportation, with an emphasis on supporting the communities of Dorchester, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain.

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Boston Redevelopment Authority

In partnership with communities, the BRA—the City of Boston’s planning and economic development agency—prepares Boston’s residents for new opportunities through training, human service and job creation. The BRA guides physical, social, and economic change in Boston's neighborhoods and its downtown to shape a more prosperous, sustainable, and beautiful city for all.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority was one of the original collaborators on the development of the Sustainable Business Leader Program and was one of its original seed funders. Today, the BRA continues to support the SBLP through relationship building and outreach, technical support and recognition of SBLP participants and graduates.

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Cambridge Energy Alliance

The Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA) is a non-profit service organization sponsored by the City of Cambridge and NSTAR that helps residents and business owners invest in making their homes and buildings work smarter and more efficiently–saving energy, water and money.

Cambridge Energy Alliance and the Sustainable Business Leader Program have partnered to provide valuable information, training and access to resources to the City’s local and independent businesses to support their efforts in becoming environmentally sustainable business leaders.

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Digital Credit Union (DCU) (WSBLP Sponsor)

Digital Federal Credit Union, better known as DCU, is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by and operated for their members. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, DCU is the largest credit union in New England as measured by assets and is among the top 25 nationwide. DCU serves more than 330,000 members and their families in all 50 states. DCU is committed to sustainable practices in its workplace and now offers energy efficiency loans to its members.

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Littlefoot Energy (SBLP Sponsor)

LittleFoot Energy Corporation is a Massachusetts based company founded with the mission of helping companies and building owners prioritize, monetize, fund, and implement a broad range of energy projects that reduce dependency on fossil fuels, increase the bottom line, and position for a strengthened competitive future. LittleFoot Energy specializes in heating, cooling and electricity projects that combine energy efficiency measures with renewable energy sources – creating hybrid systems that save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

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MA Department of Environmental Protection

The Department of Environmental Protection is the state agency responsible for ensuring clean air and water, the safe management of toxics and hazards, the recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, the timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources.

The MA DEP was one of the original collaborators on the development of the Sustainable Business Leader Program and was one of its original seed funders. Today, the MA DEP continues to support the SBLP through relationship building, information sharing and recognition of SBLP participants and graduates.

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New Generation Energy

New Generation Energy (NGE) is a non-profit organization with the mission to make America's communities healthier and more sustainable through the development and financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

New Generation Energy and the Sustainable Business Leader Program have partnered to support the development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for SBLP participants through access to low-interest loans, grants and green energy micro-funding. Eligible projects include weatherization, lighting upgrades, appliance upgrades, ground source heat pumps, and clean energy generation such as solar photovoltaic (PV), solar hot water, and wind.

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SoChange is a web platform that shows consumers that they can have a DIRECT impact on causes they care about by supporting socially and environmentally friendly businesses.

SoChange and SBLP have partnered to make Boston-area businesses more sustainable by showing them that consumers will support them for doing so. On consumers "vote with their dollars" by buying gift certificates to convince businesses to make sustainability upgrades. Consumers can redeem the full value of their certificate at the business, and once a certain number of certificates are purchased, the business makes the sustainability upgrade with the knowledge that their customers support them for doing so.

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ThinkLite LLC (SBLP Sponsor)

ThinkLite LLC is a Massachusetts based green lighting firm that specializes in commercial lighting. Through their unique pay-as-you-save model, the company strives to help individuals adopt green technology in their everyday lives by eliminating the risk and initial costs associated with such upgrades. In doing so ThinkLite helps their customers mitigate their impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption and mercury pollution all while saving money. Thinklite specializes in LED lighting applications and can customize design lighting solutions where existing alternatives do not yet exist.

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The Sustainable Business Network's partner networks Cambridge Local First, Somerville Local First, & Worcester Local First also support and promote the work of the Sustainable Business Leader Program.

email: [email protected]    |    phone: (617) 395-0250

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