Sustainable Community Leader Program (SCLP)

Sustainable Community Leader Program Overview

Our Mission: The Sustainable Community Leader Program supports non-profit organizations, community groups, and houses of worship in their efforts to improve their environmental practices, reduce their carbon footprint, and be conscious and caring citizens in the communities in which they work.

About SCLP

The Sustainable Community Leader Program (SCLP) is an initiative of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Greater Boston, a local not-for-profit organization with the mission to build economies that are local, green, and fair.  Through the SBN’s Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP), it became clear that environmental sustainability technical assistance and certification services could provide significant value to groups outside of the traditional business community such as not-for-profit organizations, community groups, houses of worship and local municipalities. In an effort to serve the needs of these unique groups—the SBN has developed the Sustainable Community Leader Program (SCLP). 

Similar to the SBLP, the SCLP is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of local non-profits, community groups, and houses of worship in their pursuit to become more environmentally sustainable.  The needs and challenges of these groups often vary from those of small to mid-sized businesses and the SCLP works to provide technical assistance and access to resources designed specifically for these groups.  

SCLP Process

The Sustainable Community Leader Program process mirrors that of the Sustainable Business Leader Program (see SBLP Program Brochure); however, additional incentives and programs offered only to non-profit organizations, community organizations and houses of worship will be explored during the generation of SCLP recommendations.

What SCLP Can Do For You and Your Community

The Sustainable Community Leader Program assists participating community members in reducing their environmental impact and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save money by reducing energy, water, and waste consumption/generation
  • Connect with incentive programs and local green vendors
  • Explore available grants and other funding sources to help finance green improvements
  • Receive public relations benefits and community recognition for your pioneering efforts
  • Get featured as a Sustainable Community Leader on the SBLP/SCLP website
  • Access ongoing support and education on sustainable practices and initiatives
  • Network with other SCLP and SBLP participants and graduates
  • Generate a sense of pride and a clear environmental vision among community members
  • Help your organization become recognized as a leader in the environmental movement
  • Create a healthier community for your organization/community and your neighbors!

Interested in Joining the Sustainable Community Leader Program?

If you are interested in participating in, or learning more about, the Sustainable Community Leader Program, please contact us to schedule an informational meeting or phone call.  We can also be reached at [email protected]